BiggBoss Telugu All Seasons & OTT Details 2022

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Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show

Bigg Boss is an Indian Reality Television game show franchise which is based on the Dutch Show Big Brother. Bigg Boss was originally started in Hindi language and has been extended into seven languages spoken in the country which includes Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam.

The ideology came from the novel which is based on a novel called 1984 written by an English Author George Orwell. The story is based in the year 1984, and the whole civilization is ruled by a mysterious leader called the Big Brother. Nobody sees him, There are rumors and posters that say Big Brother is watching you. The same concept is adopted where the Bigg Boss becomes the mysterious leader a camera that says you are being watched.

Bigg Boss Telugu Streaming Platforms- Star Maa and Hotstar

Bigg Boss Telugu telecasts on Star Maa Telugu Channel. The Set of the Bigg Boss is set in Annapurna Studios. The latest season 5 of the Bigg Boss show was aired in the channel from Monday to Friday at 10PM-11PM. On Saturday and Sunday, The timings changed from 9PM to 10PM. The Bigg Boss Unseen was telecasted on Star Maa Music.

Apart from the channel, Bigg Boss streams on Disney+Hotstar. It is an OTT Platform service owned by Disney Media and Entertainment. Hotstar carries content from Star India’s local networks which includes movies, Serials, live sports and Original programs as well.

The best thing about the OTT is, People can watch the content from anywhere. All they need to have is an mobile phone and active internet. When Bigg Boss Started streaming on the OTT platform, the viewers increased and the show became very popular amongst the audience and other peers.

Bigg Boss Telugu Selection Process

Bigg Boss Telugu has successfully completed its five seasons and it became very popular amongst the audience. There has been a lot of buzz going on that the Bigg Boss OTT is also going to come very soon. The show has got huge popularity gained in a short time. So the participants who are interested to apply must check the eligibility of the show carefully.

  • To participate in the show the participants’ age must be above 18 years old.
  • The participant must be an Indian and must have citizenship proof.
  • The participant needs to make an audition video before applying for Bigg Boss. The video shouldn’t be more than 3minute and 50MB in Size. It must be briefly outline all major details about you including the talent, key skills.
  • The participants will be given an link from where they have to download the application form by simply visiting the official site.
  • They have to fill the application form with the details like Name, Age, Date of Birth, City, Town, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport size, Upload Video about your talent skills and other basic info and submit it to the team.

The submitted application will be sent to the team and if they like the work and details. They will shortlist the candidate and discuss with the team on who should they approach and the team will contact the participant and the rest will be discussed among themselves.

Bigg Boss Telugu House Rules.

The house rules imposed by Bigg Boss are very strict and the participants have to follow them at any cost. The most prominent ones are the housemates aren’t permitted to talk in any other language except Telugu. They always have to wear the mike around them. They cannot leave the House Premises at any time unless they are evicted by the audience or they can leave if they have any health issues. They cannot discuss the nomination process with anyone. This was in the beginning series but from the past two seasons. The nominations have been open, Face to face. They are not allowed to sleep without the permission of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Process

There are two methods for the Voting Process and they are Missed Call voting and Hotstar Voting Process. First we will see the Missed Call Voting process.

Missed call voting is one of the best options to vote for your favorite contestants. To vote Bigg Boss Telugu contestants you have to follow this method if you don’t have internet access. The method doesn’t cost anything. To vote for your favorite Bigg Boss Contestant you just have to give a missed call to the numbers which are allotted to them. So it is important that you look at the number of your favorite contestant very carefully and give as many missed calls as you want to keep them safe in the house.

Hotstar Voting

Hotstar has partnered with Bigg Boss for voting process. For this, First you need to download the Hotstar App from the playstore. After that install the app on your device. Sign up with your mobile number or Gmail.

  • In the search bar, Search for Bigg Boss Telugu show. Click on the official banner of the show.
  • You will now see a line appear at the bottom. Voting for today is now open along with the Vote Button.
  • After clicking the vote button, You will see the list of nominated contestants of the week.
  • The vote for your favorite contestant, You have to tap on their photo and submit your voting.
  • If you tap once, It means one vote. Tap twice, 2 votes. You can vote a maximum of 10 votes per day by tapping on the contestant photo on the app.
  • You can also the split the votes to different participants.
  • You can get 50 votes throughout the week and even for the missed call option you can give 50 votes only.

There are many official websites and Instagram handles where unofficial polling happens every week and the predictions are made that who will get eliminated from the show before the official announcement comes.

Bigg Boss Telugu All Season TRP Ratings

  • The first season was hosted by Jr. NTR and the launch of season1 TRP was 16.18TVR and it became as the most watched Television show.
  • The season 2 launch hosted by Nani got an TRP Rating of 15.05TVR which is also one of the best amongst the top TRP Ratings.
  • The season 3 hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni opened with TRP rating of 17.9 TVR which is bigger than the previous seasons and the grand finale TRP rating was 22.4TVR.
  • The season 4 opened with a TRP Rating of 18.5TVR. The grand finale TRP received in two states was 21.7.
  • The latest season 5 opened with a TRP Rating of 15.7TVR and the grand finale received TRP of more than 18 TVR and some millions of views on Disney+Hotstar.

Bigg Boss Telugu All Seasons Hosts.

The First season of the Bigg Boss reality Show Telugu was hosted by Jr. NTR and it was an absolute sensation. People loved Tarak’s hosting skills and his humor on screen. Tarak gave that wonderful start to the Bigg Boss show to the Telugu Audience.

Because of some dates issues with his movies, The second season of the Bigg Boss was hosted by natural Star Nani. He brought his natural stuff, humor. The second season was the perfect sequel for the first one.

After that from third season onwards, The Hosting work has been taken up by Akkineni Nagarjuna. Whenever he was busy with his works, Once RamyaKrishna and Samantha took up the hosting as well. Right from the third season to the latest season 5, Nagarjuna has managed to entertain the audience with his excellent hosting skills in the show.